Chad Carson – Rental Property Analysis

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Chad Carson - Rental Property Analysis2Chad Carson – Rental Property Analysis

Learn the tools you need to confidently analyze your next rental property

Analyzing a rental property doesn’t
have to be confusing or complex!

This course will simplify the math you need to buy profitable rental properties. Through patient, step-by-step lessons, you’ll learn the key analysis formulas so that you can apply them to your own investments. Plus, you’ll receive the actual spreadsheet that Coach Carson uses to analyze rentals in his own investment business.


Hi, I’m Chad Carson

The #1 question I receive: Is this rental investment a good deal?"

<p “=”>One rental property decision can involve hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of your life. That’s why it’s understandable to ask “Is this a good deal?” With so much at stake, you want to avoid any big mistakes. <p “=”>During my 18 years of investing, I’ve run the numbers correctly on many deals that have made me a lot of money. But I’ve also made some big mistakes that cost me. <p “=”>Both situations have taught me a lot! <p “=”>So, I’m offering this course to share what I’ve found to be the essential formulas and analysis tools for rental properties. I want to help you avoid the major mistakes and focus on the numbers that matter most.
<p “=”>Whether you’re a brand new investor intimidated by math or an experienced investor looking for a few key distinctions, this course will help you to more confidently analyze your next rental.


All the Key Numbers and Formulas to Analyze a Rental Property Investment and How to Run Those Numbers On Your Own


Within 4 distinct modules + 3 case studies, Rental Property Analysis will teach you how to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of a good rental property investment
  • Set analysis goals to help you make offers on properties
  • Analyze the potential cash flow of a rental property
  • Calculate the return on investment of your rental using several different formulas
  • Ensure you buy a property below it’s full or after repair value
  • Estimate your return over time, which is essential for long-term, buy-and-hold rental properties
  • Use an analysis spreadsheet in real life by studying & practicing case studies of real rental properties


Training videos. Analysis Spreadsheet. Online Q&A with Coach.


  • 25+ lessons broken into clearly organized short segments for quick learning
  • Each video is also available in audio (“podcast”) format for on-the-go listening
  • Get your questions answered by Coach Carson in the comments section below each lesson
  • Reinforce your learning with quizzes at the end of each module
  • Case studies of 3 different real rental properties to show how the formulas and tools are used
  • Coach Carson’s Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet in downloadable format so that you can use it for all of your own current or potential rental properties
  • BONUS: 5 recorded office hours sessions with Coach and the first students of the course

“Coach Carson is knowledgeable, a great listener and passionate about helping each student to be successful. Hands down, whether new at real estate or you want to step up your business, you’ll want in on his coaching.

After my first year, I flipped one house, added a rental to my portfolio and closed a wholesale deal.”

– Khristi Vee, Jacksonville, Florida


Investors Who Want More Confidence Analyzing Rental Properties


Rental Property Analysis is for both new and experienced investors who want to master the process of running the numbers for rental properties.

As a new investor, the amount of real estate information and formulas can be overwhelming. The result is usually analysis paralysis. But this course will simplify the process and give you the tools you need to make a decision and keep moving forward on a property with confidence.

Novice or experienced investors already know the value of running the numbers correctly. One distinction that helps you find a hidden gem or avoid a costly mistake can make you thousands of dollars. You can look at this course as an “under the hood” tour of another investor’s rental analysis systems so that you can borrow ideas that work for you.

“He is truly an expert on real estate investing.”

“I’ve known Chad for several years. He is truly an expert on real estate investing. Chad has always been willing to share his knowledge and advice on any question I had, or to help me evaluate a potential deal.

– John and Margaret Atwood, Greenville, SC

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome + What to Expect + Introduce Yourself (2:50)
  • Practical Tips to Get the Most From the Course (2:41)
  • The 3 Pillars of a Good Rental – Location, Terms, Expandability (6:25)
  • What Analysis Tells You (and What it Doesn’t) (2:52)
  • Quiz – Intro Section
Module #1 – Rental Income/Cash Flow
  • 1-1 – Why Cash Flow Matters (3:11)
  • 1-2 – The Cash Flow Waterfall (2:42)
  • 1-3 – Net Operating Income (6:15)
  • 1-4 – How to Estimate Rental Rates (11:57)
  • 1-5 – How to Estimate Vacancy Rates (3:10)
  • 1-6 – How to Estimate Property Taxes (7:05)
  • 1-7 – How to Estimate Property Insurance (5:03)
  • 1-8 – How to Estimate Property Management Fees (3:25)
  • 1-9 – How to Estimate Maintenance/Repairs & Capital Expenses (CapEx) (13:07)
  • 1-10 – How to Estimate Other Expenses (2:41)
  • 1-11 – How to Calculate Financing Costs (4:35)
  • 1-12 – Net Income After Financing (5:42)
  • Quiz – Module #1 – Rental Income / Cash Flow
Module #2 – Price Growth
  • 2-1 – Why Price Growth Matters (9:00)
  • 2-2 – 3 Ways to Grow Price – Discount, Value Add, Passive Appreciation (6:56)
  • 2-3 – Understanding Fair Market Value (FMV) (7:47)
  • 2-4 – How to Estimate Fair Market Value (8:03)
  • 2-5 – Case Study of Quick Comparative Market Analysis (13:21)
  • 2-6 – Price Discount – Purchase to FMV Ratio (4:04)
  • 2-7 – Price Discount – Purchase to Replacement Cost Ratio (4:53)
  • 2-8 – 5 Ways to Force Appreciation (aka Add Value) (11:14)
  • 2-9 – How to Maximize Passive Appreciation (13:58)
  • Quiz – Module #2 – Price Growth


Module #3 – Return on Investment (ROI)
  • 3-1 – What Return on Investment (ROI) Is & Why it Matters (6:12)
  • 3-2 – Capitalization (Cap) Rate (6:44)
  • 3-3 – Return on Asset (more useful cousin of the Cap Rate) (7:49)
  • 3-4 – Cash-on-Cash Return (10:27)
  • 3-5 – Pay Down of Mortgage Principal (6:10)
  • 3-6 – Net Proceeds – How Much You Actually Make at Resale (8:20)
  • 3-7 – How to Calculate Income Tax on Resale (10:01)
  • 3-8 – Total Return on Investment (ROI) (8:07)
  • Quiz – Module #3 – Return on Investment
Module #4 – Return on Investment Over Time
  • 4-1 – Time Value of Money Explained (8:35)
  • 4-2 – Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (Present Value & Net Present Value) (8:35)
  • 4-3 – Internal Rate of Return (7:31)
  • Quiz – Module #4 – Return on Investment Over Time
  • The Two Rules of a Professional Rental Analyzer (12:24)
  • How to Make an Investment Decision (i.e. What’s a Good Deal?) (15:19)
Tool – Rental Analysis Spreadsheet (AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY)
  • Download Spreadsheet
Case Studies
  • Case Study #1 – B-Class Single Family Rental in Ocala, Florida (55:42)
  • Case Study #2 – B-Class Rental in Washington DC suburb in Maryland (39:55)
  • Case Study #3 – C-Class Rental in Chicago Suburb in Northwest Indiana (12:29)
Office Hours
  • Office Hours 6-25-2020 (153:37)
  • Office Hours 6-18-2020 (280:08)
  • Office Hours 6-11-2020 (135:37)
  • Office Hours – 6-4-2020 (136:15)
  • Office Hours 5-28-2020 (124:15)

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