Chris Hill – Beat Your Addiction in 7-Days

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Beat Your Addiction in 7-DaysChris Hill – Beat Your Addiction in 7-Days

Online course, brought to you by addiction expert Chris Hill

Chris Hill is the award-winning, best-selling author of Get Your Life Back: The Road to Freedom from Addiction, which reached the Amazon number one best-seller spot within 24 hours of publication.

Chris has gone from strength to strength, supporting thousands of people from around the world to beat their addictions and manage anxiety, stress, overcome fear-based phobias, change habits and more …

Chris’s book has sold thousands of copies around the world – the feedback has been constant and incredible. In addition, thousands of people have downloaded the Beat Addiction in 7-Days Plan from the website. A constant stream of thank you messages arrive from people whose lives have been transformed by what they have learned from Chris’s teaching – from the individuals helped as well as from their family and friends.

You asked for it!

For some time, learners from both the UK and around the world – those with addictions as well as family and friends wishing to support a loved one (struggling with addiction or chronic behavior); have been asking for access to Chris’s teaching online.

People attending Chris’s workshops have also asked for a video or online course for revision purposes – to embed the learning and share the key points firsthand with their partners or other family members, for additional support.

Well now it’s here!

To start with, this course offers inspiration – an introduction to Chris’s story and background, then you get his entire life’s work in a neat, easy to understand programme set across seven sessions of learning (you can choose how quickly you work through them). Each lesson is engaging, you see Chris up close talking directly to you; delivering the solution that helped him overcome all his addictions and live the life of complete freedom that he now enjoys.

  • Enjoy easy to understand short sessions
  • Watch at home on a computer or on any mobile device
  • Recorded with Chris talking directly to you
  • With great sound and picture
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Rewind and revisit key parts of each lesson
  • Share your learning and get support from family and friends
  • One price gives you unlimited access to the videos as well as any resources to support the learning.

The value of this groundbreaking programme brought to you online

Helping people beat addiction to nicotine, alcohol, drugs, sugar, over-eating, gambling, over-spending etc. And dealing with anxiety, stress, phobias and compulsive behaviours.

The learning helps you to overcome:

  • Smoking / nicotine
  • Drinking alcohol (please read the health warning below)
  • Taking drugs (inc. medication)
  • Refined sugar
  • Gambling
  • Over-spending
  • Any other addictive substance or activity

The programme can also help with:

  • Anxiety / stress / depression
  • Obsessive compulsive behaviour
  • Phobias
  • Eating disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Addiction to unhealthy relationships
  • Anger / self-harm / self-sabotage
  • Any other activity that becomes habitual

What you will get

  • You will have unlimited access to a complete online course – effectively attending one of Chris’s full-day seminars and workshops but in the comfort of your own home or at time and place to suit you.
  • All the examples and exercises Chris uses including all the explanatory drawings with which he teaches each part of the programme.
  • Clear language and an easy-going approach – making it enjoyable and easy to learn.
  • Messages and teaching straight from the heart! You will feel Chris’s determination to help you succeed through the way he teaches and encourages you.
  • All the resources used in the workshops.
  • Any new information to back up the learning

Course Curriculum

Testimonials about Chris’s programme
  • Preview

    Why this course is right for you (2:15)

First Section
  • Stopping Alcohol Warning & Consulting with Your Doctor
  • 7 Days to Beat Addiction Intro (1:54)
  • How it all began (16:19)
  • Beat My Addiction Printable Workbook New Edition
Day 01
  • Relaxation exercise to prepare the mind (5:35)
  • Understanding the subconscious mind (6:26)
  • Demonstrating the subconscious mind (3:16)
  • What is addiction? (13:41)
  • Anxiety, stress and phobias (4:47)
Day 02
  • Your Mind, Body and Soul (13:32)
Day 03
  • Building the case for change (15:06)
  • Understand your prison (7:35)
Day 04
  • Presenting the case to your subconscious mind (7:22)
Day 05
  • Making the decision and self-talk (14:01)
Day 06
  • The withdrawal period (14:00)
  • The six rules of withdrawal (13:20)
Day 07
  • Freedom and a new life (9:34)
  • A special message for your subconscious mind (7:05)
  • We’ve done it (5:28)
Do you want more?
  • Message Chris at Beat My Addictions (0:56)
  • Work along side Chris (0:48)
Bonus videos
  • Sugar Addiction (9:00)

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