James Tripp – Transforming Realities with The Tetralemma

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James Tripp - Transforming Realities with The Tetralemma

James Tripp – Transforming Realities with The Tetralemma

James Tripp
Transforming Realities with The Tetralemma

Beliefs, Understandings and Meanings are the foundation of our experienced reality and our everyday problem and resource trances…

Hi, James Tripp here…

If you follow my blogging (both HWT and beyond) you’ll know I often speak of how our experience of reality is shaped from the inside out, how we live our lives through a series of hypnotic loops or ‘trances’ and how our ‘worldview’ is what underpins all of that.

This is why in the coaching and developmental hypnosis work I do I always emphasise making changes at this level – working with the embodied semantics and conceptual structures. Essentially, if a person doesn’t shift the embodied understandings that hold a problem in place, they will never shift the problem.

In my work I use a lot of tools, but one that is a little more unusual AND is very effective for working at the level of understanding/worldview is The Tetralemma.

As stated in the video (please watch the video, it has a lot more detail than I am sharing here), The Tetralemma is an ancient Indian ‘non-aristotalian’ logical formula that is very powerful for shifting people into a ‘right brain’ (generative trance) space and utilising the capabilities of that space to loosen the semantic underpinnings of a problem state or identity. It can be used as a map for both a powerful spatial anchoring process OR as the underpinning for conversationally based hypnotic changework.

This video programme is a recording of a one day workshop where I taught not just The Tetralemma as a formal process, but also the principles and understandings that underpin it in such a way as they can inform your changework and coaching on multiple levels.

Trance and Transcendence…

One of the things I would like to point out here is that, beyond The Tetralemma, I am introducing my currently evolving model of ‘Trance and Transcendence’ – this is the conceptualisation that underpins my entire approach to self-evolution, developing personal adaptedness and general ‘Reality Shaping’.

Within this video programme you will not only see me outlining (perhaps ‘installing’) the Trance and Transcendence model but also, if you ‘listen between the lines’ notice that I am indirectly working to get powerful personal mindshifts for the people in the room.

Specific Content

There is a lot of material covered in this programme! The above videos and information are good to get the overall gist and philosophy, but if you like specific details…

Part 1
People and who they are becoming

Working on the level of the self vs the level of the problem

Replacetive vs Transformative Approaches – Evolving Beyond Problems

Love, Hate and Transformative Relationships

“I want change but I don’t want to change”

Process Vs Understanding

Uniqueness Vs Commonality

Knowing yourself as a creator and shaper of your own experience

Intellectual Understanding Vs Embodied Understanding

You WILL communicate from where you are at

Hypnosis and Breaking Social Conventions to ‘Go Psychoactive’

Stepping Outside of you Loops – Subject/object Relations

Loops – Self Reinforcing Realities

The Map is not the Territory… But there IS a territory

Aristotalian Logic vs The Tetralemma

Shifting Mode of Mind Exemplar – The Tetralemma Delivered Conversationally

metaphor – Half empty IS half full

A Brief Overview of Robert Kegan’s Developmental Levels

The Physical World Vs The Psycho-social World

The Coin Toss Device

Being Happy Vs Being Right

We wall want to know that we are OK – The Blessing!

Part 2
The Allure of the Self Sovereign Mind

Phases of Evolution Serve you Until They Don’t

The Trade offs of Self Evolution

Evolving Consciousness Evolves Desires and Goals

What is Consciousness?

Distinctions create choice… richness of map!

Trances, Tunnels and Semantics

Trance as a narrowing of Bandwidth

Trances tend to perpetuate – you get what you rehearse

The Reality Loop

Mindflow, Imagination and Reality

Jorgen Rasmussen’s ‘Burning Room’ Exercise

The Reconstructive Nature of Memory

Reality Loop Trance Analysis

Social Anxiety Mapped via the Loop

Disembedding from Trances

Description Versus Prescription

Introducing Expansion into Mindflow

How imagination becomes a reality – mistaking thoughts for facts

Waking Up and Osho’s Bag of Rocks

Attachment and Identity

Scope of Trance

Trances are not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – check functionality

Military Trances

‘Thoughts are Reality’ Versus ‘Thoughts are Thoughts’

Part 3
What your feelings are telling you!

Habituated Thinking Vs Fresh Thinking

1st Purpose – Freeing/dissolving rigid semantic structures

2nd Purpose – Shifting Mode of Mind (Opening Bandwidth)

3rd Purpose – Evolving the Transcendent Self

The Two Modes of Mind as Found in Different Traditions

The Trance of Too Much To Do and The Structure of Overwhelm

Three Levels of Leverage – Content, Structure and Relationship/Nature

Understanding ‘Key Operational Concepts’

There are no ‘linguistic magic bullets’

Essentialism Versus Operationalism

Identity Statements

Capability Statements

‘Mustabatory’ Statements

Finding where it hits the sense of self

Arm Catalepsy to illustrate conceptual framing and backwards sensemaking

Part 4
Uncovering Key Operational Concepts – Live Demo

Spatially Mapped Tetralemma (Full Process) – Live Demo

Push/Pull and Enfolding Opposites

2 point focus and the space between

Expansiveness Vs Collapse

Semantic Engineering

Position 1: Affirmation – Depersonalise, Humanise, Celebrate

Position 2: Negation/Opposite – Reframing and Evidence Gathering

Bridging from experience and behaviour to identity

Compensation and Trying to fix problems in the wrong place

Position 3: Both/And – Expansiveness and Transendance

Enfolding Opposites Ericksonian style

Position 4: Neither/Not – Whatever you say it is… you’re wrong!

You are not your thoughts and your thoughts are not reality

Thinking, Feeling and Intuition

Production Notes!

This programme was recorded at a live event with a small group of just 12 participants. Due to a technical issue there is a brief portion (about 10 minutes) during the first video where, due to the main microphone picking up radio interference for a time, the sound is switched to source from the ambient room microphone. This means that for this period there is an unavoidable but minor drop is audio quality where the sound becomes a little echoey and ‘roomy’. However, despite this it is still clear what I am saying throughout this section (a large part of this section is a conversational hypnosis piece to shape the engagement of the people in the room – an interesting thing in and of itself but aside from the main content).

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