Josh Braun – The Badass B2B Growth Guide 2022

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The Badass B2B Growth Guide 2022Josh Braun – The Badass B2B Growth Guide 2022

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Josh Braun

I teach people how to sell without selling their soul. It’s as simple as that.

Course Curriculum

The Foundation
  • Play F0: The #1 Rule of Selling
  • Play F1: Know Your Market
  • Play F2: Having a Growth vs. Fixed Mindset
  • Play F3: Don’t Be a Debbie Downer
  • Play F4: How to Elegantly Explain What You Do
  • Play F5: Ditch the Pitch
  • Play F6: ing Conversations with Strangers
  • Play F7: Don’t Exceed Your Prospect’s Speed Limit
  • Play F8: Solutions Disguised as Problems
  • Play F9: How to Explain What You Do in a Cold Email in One Sentence
  • Play F10: How to Conversations with People Who Aren’t Buying
  • Play F11: Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Play F12: Why Prospects Are Guarded Around Salespeople (And What to do About it)
  • Play F13: Detaching from the Outcome (Video)
  • Play F14: How to Sell More “Hamburgers”
  • Play F15: Twist the Knife
  • Play F16: Stay Away From This Phrase
  • Play 17 – A Surfer’s Mind
Know Your Prospect’s Jobs-to-be-Done
  • Play PM1: Your Market’s Motivations
  • Play PM2: Fireballs vs. Flowers
  • Play PM3: How to Become An Insider
  • Play PM4: How to Get Your Prospect’s Secret Buying Language using Jobs-to-Be Done
  • Play PM5: Jobs to Be Done Interview Guide
  • Play PM6: Example of a Jobs-to-Be-Done Interview
  • Play PM7: The Lingo Library
  • Play PM8: How to Be More Interesting to Prospects
  • Play PM9: How to Stay Top of Mind When Prospects Aren’t Motivated Right Now?
  • Play PM10: How to Get the CFOs to Buy In
Outsourcing List Building
  • Play LB1: Getting ed
  • Play LB2: Defining Your Targeting Parameters Using Sales Navigator
  • Play LB3: The Data Enrichment Providers I Recommend
  • Play LB4: Example of a Lead List You’ll Get Back
Cold Calling
  • Play CC1: The Pain Triangle
  • Play CC2: The Educational Based Cold Call Script
  • Play CC3: Example: Educational Based Cold Call Script – Sales Coach
  • Play CC4: Behind the Scenes — Creating an Educational Based Cold Call Script — Example for Fin Tech
  • Play CC5: Behind the Scenes — Creating an Education Based Cold Call Script — Example for Cyber Security
  • Play CC6: Leveraging Wins to Attract Similar Clients
  • Play CC7: What to Say When a Gatekeeper Picks Up
  • Place CC9: How to Cold Call a Trade Show Lead
  • Play CC10 – Real Cold Call
  • Play CC11 – Example SaaS Cold Call Script
  • Play CC12: Real Cold Call – Accusation Audit
  • Play CC13: 14 Killer Cold Call Openers
  • Play CC14: The Reheat Campaign
  • Play CC15: Transcript of a Good Cold Call You Can Steal
  • Play VM0: The Open Loop Voicemail
  • Play VM1: Five Voicemail Formulas
  • Play VM2: The 8.9 second voicemail
  • Play VM3: Voicemail — The Script and Tone That Gets 30% of My Calls Returned
  • Play VM4: Voicemail makeover
Cold Email Copywriting
  • Play CW00: Let’s write a good cold email (step by step)
  • Play CW1: Don’t Believe the Hype
  • Play CW2: The Triplet
  • Play CW3:: Go for No
  • Play CW4: How to Use Humor to Increase Response Rates
  • Play CW5: Your Customers Are Your Best Salespeople
  • Play CW6: Turning a Skeptic into a Buyer
  • Play CW7: How to Explain Things Clearly
  • Play CW8: Show, Don’t Tell
  • Play CW9: Casual Copywriting Example
  • Play CW10: The Secret to Creating Memorable Cold Email Copy
  • Play CW11: Sales Copy Teardown (Before & After)
  • Play CW12: Are You Pitching or Proving?
  • Play CW13: Example of Hype-Free Copy in a Cold Email
  • Play CW14: 2 Things I Learned from Jason Fried About Copywriting
  • Play CW15: Casual Copywriting Examples (Before & After)
  • Play CW16: The Secret to Getting More Positive Cold Email Responses
  • Play CW17: 3 Ways to Increase Cold Email Response Rates
  • Play CW18: How to Use Emotions to Motivate Prospects
  • Play CW19: Steal Like an Artist to Increase Open Rates
  • Play CW20: Chase — Features into Benefits Makeover
  • Play CW21: Before & After
  • Play CW22: Who’s Your Villain?
  • Play CW23: How to Use Humor to Increase Response Rates
  • Play CW24: Ditch this word
  • Play CW25: What Pisses People Off?
  • Play CW26: Steal This Porsche Ad
  • Play CW26: A Magic Word
  • Play CW27: Be Crispy
  • Play CW28: Write With an Eraser
  • Play CW29: Cold Emailing Over the Shoulder Video
  • Play CW30: “What if” questions
  • Play CW31: What We Do vs. What You Can Do
  • Play CW32: Why Prospects Don’t Respond (And How to Fix it)
  • Play CW33: 9 Cold Email Copywriting Formulas That Convert
Cold Emailing
  • Play CE000 – Improving cold email deliverability
  • Play CE:00 – The Easier Way to Conversations With Strangers
  • Play CE1: The Biggest Cold Email Mistake
  • Play CE2: Cold Email: Subject Lines
  • Play CE3: The Testimonial Email
  • Play CE4: Bring Back That Loving Feeling
  • Play CE5: Cold Email: Follow-up After Direct Mail
  • Play CE6: 15 Minutes of Fame
  • Play CE7: Leveraging Shared Audiences
  • Play CE8: Reactivate Lost Opportunities
  • Play CE9: Medicine for the Problem
  • Play CE10: Example for SaaS
  • Play CE11: The Cold Call Email
  • Play CE12: Personalization at Scale
  • Play CE13: Cold Email From the CEO of Rippling
  • Play CE14: Shining a Light on a Problem
  • Play CE15: Informative & Entertaining
  • Play CE16: Introducing Two People via Email
  • Play CE17: The 4T Email — A High Converting Formula
  • Play CE18: Low Friction Calls to Action
  • Play CE19: Email to a Conversation with an Innovator
  • Play CE20: The 4-Part Video Series
  • Play CE21: How to Respond to, “Send Me Some Information” in Email
  • Play CE23: The Cold Email that Booked a Meeting and Sales with GEICO
  • Play CE24: The One Sentence Email
  • Play CE25: Example of a Personalized 4T Email
  • Play CE26: Example of a 4T Email to Target
  • Play CE27: 4T Email that Got the Attention of a CEO
  • Play CE28: A Cold Email Written by a Customer to a Prospect
  • Play CE29: One of the Best Cold Emails I’ve Ever Seen
  • Play CE30: Scaling Personalized Email in Cold Emails
  • Play CE31: Hyper-Personalized 4T Email that Got a Positive Response
  • Play CE32: The Cold Email that Got a Response from a Director of Sales
  • Play CE33: How to Write a Damn Good Email in 8 Minutes
  • Play CE34: 6 Low Friction Calls to Action that Conversations
  • Play CE35 Post Webinar Email that s Conversations
  • Play CE36: Cold Email that Booked a Meeting After a Prospect said, “No Thanks”
  • Play CE37: How to Get a Response from a Busy Person — Teardown
  • Play CE38: Illumination Cold Email (How to Change the Status Quo)
  • Play CE39: How to Respond when a Prospects Asks for Information via Email
  • Play CE40: What Zelda Can Teach You About Writing a Good Cold Email
  • Play CE41: The Radically Honest Illumination Email
  • Play CE42: Real Email – Educational Offer that Booked a Meeting
  • Play CE43: The Photoshop Cold Email
  • Play CE44: The Broken Clavicle Bone
  • Play CE45: How to Follow-Up Without Being Annoying
  • Play CE46: The 28 Word Email
  • Play CE47: The Easier Way to Book Meetings
  • Play CE48: Reaching Out to People Who Didn’t Buy
  • Play CE49: Leveraging Customers for Warm Intros
  • Play CE50: 1 i simple idea to grow sales in 3 months
  • Play CE51: Emails That Look Like Texts – Alteryx
  • Play CE52: Emails That Look Like Texts – LeanData
  • Play CE53: Emails That Looks Like Texts – Tipalti
  • Play CE54: Email That Look Like Texts –
  • Play CE55: Email That Looks Like a Text – Tax Accountant
  • Play CE56: Asking For Advice
  • Play CE57: How to write killer first sentences
  • Play CE58: The Cold Email Copywriting Formula That Will Increase Responses
  • Play CE 59: 14 Low friction CTAs that increase response rates
  • Play CE60: Open loop cold emails
  • Play CE61: Out of Office Autoresponder
  • Play CE62: 4T Bridging Phrases
  • Play CE 63: Super Short Cold Email – Outreach
  • Play CE64: The prospect ghosted me email
  • Play CE65: 19 CTAs that don’t ask for a meeting
  • Play CE66: Leveraging Customers to Write Emails (Gravy)
  • Play CE67: 7 killer subject lines
  • Play CE68: Using “Future Pacing” in CTAs to Increase Response Rates
  • Play CE69: Cutting the fluff
  • Play CE70: Killer cold email opening lines
  • Play CE71: Using LinkedIn Job Adverts
Before & After Visual Cold Emails
  • Play VCE 0: What are visual emails & why do they matter?
  • Play VCE 1: The Easiest Way to Create Images for Cold Emails
  • Play VCE 2: Example for Alteryx
  • Play VCE3: Example for ConnectAndSell
  • Play VCE4: Example for BoomTown
Cold Email Teardowns
  • Play CET 1: Teardown for Telecom
  • Play CET 2: Teardown for a Podcast Guest
  • Play CET 3: Teardown for a Car Wash Bucket
  • Play CET 4: Teardown for a Coach
  • Play CET5: Teardown for a person who want to be on my podcast
  • Play CET6: Teardown Chris Voss
  • Play CET7: Teardown for Zubtitles
  • Play CET8: Teardown for a triathlon coach
  • Play CET9: Teardown for a loud neighbor
  • Play CET10: Teardown for a LinkedIn Pitch
  • Play CET11: Teardown for a service
  • Play CET12: Teardown for accountant
  • Play CET13: Teardown for content amplification agency
  • Play CET14: Teardown for Protalus Insoles
  • Play CET15: Teardown for a Tax Accountant
  • Play CET16: Teardown for a Triathlon Coach
  • Play CET17: Teardown for a Gutter Cleaning Service
  • Play CET18: Teardown for LeanData
  • Play CET19: 4T Email Examples You Can Steal
  • Play CET20: Teardown for Managing Negative Review Service
  • Play CET21: Teardown for CaptivateIQ
  • Play CET21: Teardown – Cutting the Fluff
  • Play CET22: Teardown for a Talent Service Placing Salespeople
  • Play CET23: Teardown for Snowflake
  • Play CET24: Teardown for a recruiter
  • Play CET25: Teardown for a social media agency
  • Play CET26: Teardown for Mortgage Refinancing
  • Play CET27: Teardown for CaptivateIQ
  • Play CET28: Teardown for a services based business
  • Play CET29: Teardown for a data provider
  • Play CET30: Teardown for a recruiter
  • Play CET31: Teardown for Third Party Logistics
  • Play CET32: Teardown for Rev
  • Play CET33: Teardown for Recruiter (Sales)
  • Play CET44: Armand @ Pave Wizard Email
  • Play CET45: Lunch bribe Email
  • Play CET46: Teardown for CaptivateIQ
  • Play CET47: Teardown for Pave
  • Play CET48: Teardown for Ecommerce Returns Solution
  • Play CET49: Teardown for an Editor
  • Play CET50: Teardown for Tango
  • Play CET52: Teardown for Munch
  • Play CET53: Teardown for On Screen Authority
  • Play CET54: Teardown for a Service (Phone Ready Leads)
The Hall of Fame: Cold Outreach with Positive Responses
  • Play EV 1: Graham’s Email
  • Play EV2: Tanner’s Email
  • Play EV:3 Richard’s Email
  • Play EV:4 Ivan’s Follow Up Emails to Booked Meeting
  • Play EV5: Ben’s Entire LinkedIn Message Thread that Got a Meeting
  • Play EV6: Jackie’s Email that Landed a Job Interview
  • Play EV7: Josh’s Email
  • Play EV8: Harry’s Email
  • Play EV9: Chris’s Email
  • Play EV10 Brandon’s Email
  • Play EV10: Jam’s Email
  • Play EV11: Kristian’s Email & Video
  • Play EV12: Anna’s Email
  • Play EV13: Peter’s Email
  • Play EV14: Stephen’s LinkedIn Message with Response
  • Play EV 15: Sam’s Email
  • Play EV16: Jason Bay’s Video Email
  • Play EV17: Brandon’s Email
  • Play EV18: John’s Email
  • Play EV19: Shaun’s Email
  • Play EV20: Ryan’s Cold Call
  • Play EV21: Jake’s Cold Email
  • Play EV22: Josh’s Email
  • Play EV23: Madison’s Email
  • Play EV24: Oliver’s LinkedIn Connection Request
  • Play EV25: Oliver’s Email
  • Play EV26: JT’s Email
  • Play EV27: Oliver’s Before & After Visual Email
  • Play EV28: Aaron’s Email
  • Play EV29: James’s email
  • Play EV30: Braun’s email that landed Aetna
  • Play EV31: Adam’s Email
  • Play EV32: Josh’s Open Loop Email
  • Play EV33: Dan’s Email
  • Play EV34: Claire’s Email
  • Play EV35: Linda’s Email – Content Amplification
  • Play EV36: Armand’s Email
  • Play EV37: Theo’s Email
  • Play EV38: Matt’s Email
  • Play EV39: Stafano’s Email
  • Play EV40: Gino’s Email + Video Follow Up
  • Play EV41: Robert’s Email
  • Play EV41: Email for a Freelancer/Copywriter
  • Play EV42: Killer Cold Email – Services Business
  • Play EV43: This 40-Second Pitch Made Will Smith Invest Immediately
  • Play EV44: Peter’s Email
The Initial Sales Conversation
  • Play DC0: The Initial Conversation Script
  • Play DC1: How to Improve Your Meeting Show Rate
  • Play DC2: Finding Problems
  • Play DC3: Asking for the Sale
  • Play DC4: How to Separate Yourself From the Competition
  • Play DC5: Your Product Story
  • Play DC6: Client Story
  • Play DC7: Don’t Bruise the Ego
  • Play DC8: Testing for Commitment
  • Play DC9: Overcoming the Status Quo Bias
  • Play DC10: An Insightful Question
  • Play DC11: Price Anchoring
  • Play DC12: How to Expedite Contract Execution
  • Play DC13: Don’t Discount. Do this Instead.
  • Play DC14: The Post Meeting Video Summary
  • Play DC15: How To Write An Effective Follow-Up Email After a Discovery Call
  • Play DC16: How to Reduce Meeting No Shows
  • Play DC17: A Big Mistake Salespeople Make WIth Inbound Leads
Leveraging Customers for New Opportunities
  • Play LC1: How to Ask for Referrals
  • Play LC2: Interviewing Customers
  • Play LC3: One Question to Generate 20% More Revenue
  • Play LC4: How to Ask for a Testimonial Without Sounding Salesy
  • Play LC5: Reactivating a Past Customer
  • Play LC6: Asking for Video Testimonials
  • Play LI1: Your Headline
  • Play LI2: Connection Requests with 70% Acceptance Rate
  • Play LI3: The Most Phenomenal LinkedIn Connection Request
  • Play LI4: The Video Connection Request Pitch
  • Play LI5: Yet Another High Converting LinkedIn Connection Request
  • Play LI6: Nelly’s LinkedIn Voice Message that Got a Sale
  • Play LI7: “Thanks for Connecting” Video Message
  • Play LI8: Example of a Connection Request with a High Accept Rate
  • Play LI9: How to Conversations with Anyone on LinkedIn
  • Play LI10: Educational-Based LinkedIn Connection Request
  • Play LI11: LinkedIn Voicemail
  • Play LI12: Braun’s LinkedIn Messages Cadence
  • Play LI13: The Mere Exposure Effect
Direct Mail
  • Play MI1: 7 Ways to Create a Memorable First Impression
  • Play DM2: Direct Mail Examples
  • Play MI3: One Easy Way to Make Your Customers Happy
  • Play DM4: Dale Dupree’s Red Brick
  • Play DM5: Send an Old Fashioned Telegram
  • Play DM7: The “Lumpy” Mail
  • Play DMI9: Emma’s Letter Campaign
  • Play DM10: Bike Tubes
Defusing Objections
  • PlayDO00: Diffusing Objections Video Lecture
  • Play D01: How to Diffuse 34 Sales Objections Ebook
  • Play DO2: Preventing Objections by Making the Skeleton Dance
  • Play DO3: One Question that Will Help You Waste Less Time Chasing
  • Play DO4: Why Are You Better Than Your Competitors?
  • Play DO5: I Don’t Have a Budget
  • Play DO6: Answering “What Do You Do?”
  • Play DO7: Diffusing “Your Price Is Too High”
  • Play DO8: Send Me a Proposal
  • Play DO9: Diffusing “Can You Send Me Some Information?”
  • Preview

    Play DO11: “If We Find a Need, We’ll Keep You in Mind.”

  • Play D012: Role Play – “We Already Have a Vendor.”
  • Play DO13: Prospects Ask You to Send Them Info Via Email
  • Play DO14: “We went with another vendor.”
  • Play DO15: Defusing “How did you get this number?”
  • Play D16: We Have a Vendor (response via email)
  • Play DO17: “I’m not interested.” (how to respond via email)
  • Play DO18: Diffusing, “I’m all set” Over Cold Email
Inbound Leads
  • Play IN1: How to Respond to an Inbound Lead
  • Play IN2: Inbound Cold Call Critique
  • Play IN3: Post Webinar Follow Up Email
  • Play NE1: Example of a Negotiation with a Jeweler
  • Play NE2: Example of a Negotiation with a Client
  • Play NE3: Real Contract Negotiation
Building Credibility
  • PLAY NU1: Top of Mind Campaign Email
  • Play NU2: Example Nurture Track You Can Steal
  • Play NU3: A Shortcut for Building Credibility
Video Prospecting
  • Play VP1: Example of an Email and Video that Booked a Meeting
  • Play SQ1: Meeting Reminder Sequence
  • Play SQ2: No Show Sequence
  • Play SQ3: Drift’s Personalized Sequence
  • Play SQ4: Prospect Ghosted You Sequence – Accusation Audit
  • Play SQ5: Personalized Cold Email Sequences
  • Play SQ6: Rippling’s Cold Email Sequence
Getting a Job
  • Play GJ1: The Cold Email that Prompted a CEO to Give the Sender a Job
  • Play GJ2: Don’t Send a Resume, Do This Instead
  • Play G23: Unconventional Cold Email to Land an Interview
The Prospecting Process
  • Play PP1: Overview
  • Play PP2: 6 Ways to Personalize Emails
  • Play PP3: Step 1: Creating Custom Fields
  • Play PP4: VIDEO Create Your Sequence
  • Play PP5: VIDEO WALKTHROUGH – Scaling Personalization
  • Play PP5: Boolean Searching for Prospect on LinkedIn (Over the Shoulder Video)
  • Play PP6: Example of a Personalized Sequence
Following Up
  • Play FU1: Chris Voss Inspired Email When a Prospect Ghosts You
  • Play FU2: No Response — The Apology Email
  • Play FU3: No Response — The Presumptive Negative
  • Play FU4: No Response — The Hail Mary
  • Play FU5: Real Cold Call — Falling on the Sword – Gaggle
  • Play FU6: Real Example — Surrender Email w/response
  • Play FU7: Real Email Exchange to Ghosted Prospect – Voss Method
  • Play FU8: Expressed Interest Then Disappeared
  • Play FU9: Cold Email Follow-Up Bumps
  • Play FU10: Example of a one sentence follow up + positive response
  • Play FU11: Ghosted Lead – Real Email + Response
  • Play FU12: The Post-Webinar Email
  • Play FU13: Ghosted Prospect Real Call
  • Play FU14: 8 Effective Follow Up Messages
  • Play FU15: Detach Email
  • Play FU16: Email For When A Referral Goes Dark
  • Play M1: Prospect Ghosted You
  • Play M2: Florin’s Meme
  • Play M3: Alex’s Meme POS
  • Play M4: Josh’s Matillion Meme
  • Play M5 – Video Meme
  • Play SS1: My Brothers’s $25m Talk Track
  • Play SS2: Braun’s 12 Rules of Selling
  • Play SS3: Feeling Anxious? Thought So.
  • Play SS4: Stories vs. Facts
A Killer Way to Ask for Referrals
  • Play REF1: How to Ask for a Referral Without Feeling Awkward
Internal Communication
  • How To Be Less Direct In a Email

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