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Leisha Drews - Decode Your Cycle1The busy woman’s roadmap to FINALLY understand your hormones…and then make them your superpowerLeisha Drews – Decode Your Cycle

INTRODUCING… Decode Your Cycle!

The busy woman’s roadmap to FINALLY understand your hormones…and then make them your superpower.

DO you find yourself DREADING the monthly visit from Aunt Flo because it puts you down on the couch?

Are you often up late googling “how to fix my hormones” or “what causes PMS?”

Do you feel like your hormones are off…but you can’t get anyone to help you figure out what’s wrong?

Does your mood feel totally unpredictable and cause your family to tiptoe around at certain times of the month?

It’s not normal for you to have terrible periods.

It’s not okay for you to feel stuck in your body and struggling to find the answers you need to feel balanced.

It’s not your fault that you don’t know what you don’t know!

It is POSSIBLE for you to actually understand and LOVE each and every week of your cycle. Promise.

Can I share a secret?

I used to be exactly where you are.

I used to struggle with irregular, painful cycles, cystic acne, and

terrible migraines.

I got put on birth control multiple times because I didn’t understand my body and I had no idea when I could get pregnant or how to have better periods.

Decode Your Cycle is the women’s health class you didn’t even know you were missing…but have always wished you had.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Module 1: Behind the Scenes

Learn what your hormones are actually doing each month. (And how it contributes to your symptoms so you can having compassion for your body and learn actionable steps to finally support it.)

Module 2: Becoming a Cycle Syncing Pro

A straight-to-the-point discussion on exactly how to eat, drink, exercise, and practice self-care each week of your cycle to optimize how you feel every week (hello, easy periods and painless ovulation!).

Module 3: Empowered Fertility

Whether or not your goal is pregnancy, it’s crucial for women to be in touch with their ovulation. Learn precisely how to track ovulation confidently so you KNOW when you can and can’t get pregnant.

Module 4: Hormone Triggers

Curious what you could be doing now in everyday life that’s actually causing this hormone mess in the first place? I’ll show you, and offer you easy, fun, and delicious replacements that will have you saying “I only wish I knew about this sooner because it’s working!”

Module 5: Empowered Mindset

What you put IN your body is just as important as the thoughts you have & how you feel about your body. I’ll share some powerful ways you can shift your hormone health from within that don’t require any sort of diet or supplements, just the power of your thoughts (this is a game-changer for so many of my clients!)

Bonus Lesson: Period Fix 101

TRUTH: You do not have to put up with one more painful, heavy, or long period…ever again. And getting there isn’t rocket science. In fact, you can implement what i’ll share in this bonus lesson and have a better period as soon as THIS month. (Yes, REALLY!!)

Curriculum Overview

Welcome to Decode Your Cycle!
  • Why Decoding your Cycle is KEY as a woman!(7:51)
Module 1: Behind the Scenes: What Your Hormones are Actually Doing Each Month
  • How Estrogen & Progesterone Work to Regulate Your Cycle
Module 2: Cycle Syncing Pro: Nutrition, Exercise, and Self-Care for your Cycle
  • Phase/Week 1 (Days 1-7)
  • Phase/Week 2 (Days 8-Ovulation)
  • Phase/Week 3 (Ovulation-Day 21)
  • Phase/Week 4 (Day 21-Period)
  • Cycle Phases Guide
Module 3: Empowered Fertility: Track Ovulation Confidently So You KNOW When You Can Get Pregnant
  • Ovulation Predictors
Module 4: Hormone Disruptors: What’s Causing This Hormone Mess in the First Place?
  • Common Hormone Disruptors
Module 5: Empowered Mindset: Shift Your Hormone Health From Within!
  • Mindset Shifts
Period Fix 101: How to Have a Better Period Next Month!
  • BONUS: Period Fix 101: Have a Better Period This Month!
Dive Deeper: Functional Lab Work & Hormone Healing
  • How to Know If You Need More Hormone Help(3:05)
BONUS: Align to Thrive Journal Download
  • Align to Thrive Journal PDF

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