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Leisha Drews - Nourish Your Hormones1Leisha Drews – Nourish Your Hormones

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Nourish Your Hormones!

  • How to Get the MOST out of This Program (4:11)
  • Prep Week Workbook
  • Week 1: The #1 Trigger of Hormone Issues – Liver Dysfunction (85:33)
  • Week 2: Hormone-Loving Foods (99:30)
  • Week 3: Nutrition & Mindset (98:49)
  • Week 4: The 4-Phase Hormone Cycle (81:30)
  • Week 5: How to Have a Better Period THIS MONTH (88:29)
  • Week 6: Managing Stress for Hormone Balance (81:15)
  • Week 7: Sleep (89:47)
  • Week 8: Self-Care & #momlife (97:33)
  • Week 9: Implementation Week (87:17)
  • Week 10: Move Your Body for Happy Hormones (65:14)
  • Week 11: Bathroom & Laundry Room Purge (61:42)
  • Week 12: Putting it all Together – Rhythms & Routines that Work for You (90:48)

Your Instructor

Leisha Drews

I am a Registered Nurse and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner with a passion to empower women to understand their unique bodies, so they can take charge of their health!

I believe that our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves, but they need the right support! I use functional lab testing to uncover the cause of many chronic issues, then use gentle, step-by-step lifestyle changes plus targeted supplementation to boost up the areas that are compromised, and promote healing.

I struggled as a teenager with acne and migraines. I went the mainstream route of dermatology, birth control, antibiotics, excedrin migraine, and chalked it all up as “normal”, without even thinking that there might be a root cause.

These problems continued into my twenties, and I finally started to think that maybe something could be done. After much research, I found that everything we put in and on our body matters, and that exercise not only strengthens the body, but has a huge effect on our stress and detoxification pathways. I started to see improvements in my own health as I made changes, and became passionate about sharing my experience with others, so that they wouldn’t have to be stuck in the pattern of “normal” that is so far from abundant wellness.

As I’ve had my two children over the past several years, I’ve become even more invested in making the best choices possible for the health of my family. When my daughter was just two years old, she started to have asthma, which we have since reversed with diet and gut protocols. As the rate of chronic illness in children rises, I’m dedicated to educating parents in the prevention and reversal of these diseases so our children can grow and thrive without symptoms weighing them down.

Are you overwhelmed by all of the health information available? Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® offers a tried-and-true, hands on method to gain control of your health. When you work with me, you will be educated on the unique healing opportunities in your body, and you will gain confidence in yourself as you start to understand that you have the power to change in your present and future health. If you’re ready to dive in, what could be a better time than right now?

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