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Ray Edwards - Client Attraction1Ray Edwards – Client Attraction System

Attention! This Offer Is Extremely Time Sensitive

Discover How To Attract High-Paying, Low-Maintenance Clients…

For Consultants, Freelancers, and Solopreneurs, This is the Internet’s Most Overlooked Opportunity

• It’s obvious (you’ll “get” most of what you need to know within a few minutes)…

• It’s easy (that’s why it’s been called the “lazy man’s Way to riches”)…

• It’s more profitable year after year than any other strategy I’ve seen

…And you will never see a mega product launch, with thousands of affiliates sending you the same email on the same day, about this. Because it’s not new, it’s not a “shiny object”, and it’s not sexy. But it’s the fastest way to create “dollars on demand”.

{ Save Time And Effort }

Dear Smart Marketer (soon to be even smarted),

What if you could suddenly become not just smarter, but…

• Immune to economic ups and downs

• Miraculously endowed with the most mystic power in marketing

• Able to create cash when you need it, on demand

• Impervious to stress about money

• Invulnerable to the whims of demanding, rate-grinding clients…

And what if you could undergo this transformation not in years or even months, but in one single 90 minute session, just a few days from now?

Simply by following along with me, as you watch my computer screen… And use the checklist files that I’ll be using… In fact…

Together, In under Two Hours, We Will Map Out The One-Week Plan To Build Your Own Client Attraction System … For Less Than $100 … Guaranteed!

Under two hours? Have I lost my mind? Maybe.

But if it were true, wouldn’t you want to do it? Of course you would!

Well, believe it or not, not only is it possible right now, it’s almost shockingly easy. And the best part is, I’m going to show you all the secrets of how to attract clients like flies to honey… for less than the price of a nice dinner for two!

What Gives Me the Right To Teach You This?

I’ve been marketing in one form or another since I was 14 years old. Let’s just say that s more than 25 years… perhaps considerably more.
I’ve had the good fortune of becoming the “go to guy” for top-notch marketing and copy when it counts the most… during product launches, when millions of dollars are on the line.

That’s the reason why I’ve been called on by people like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Mark Joyner, Frank Kern, and many others.

It’s also the reason Jeff Walker asked me to be the guest expert speaker at his recent live event, where I taught his best students how to write marketing copy for their own product launches.

And it’s why I can charge outrageous fees-like $50,000 plus a percentage of sales-to write copy. And once I teach you my system for attracting and securing high-paying clients, how much income will you be able to generate? There’s only one way to find out…

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting

• A single 90 minute live webinar training session, with me, where we will work through creating your client attraction system together.
• Step-by-step instructions, and a live demonstration each step of the way, as you walk through the whole process with me.
• The complete “package” … the same setup I use to attract my top-tier clients.
Fill in the blanks templates that you will be able to use over and over again, even after the webinar, anytime you need it.
• The ability to ask questions and get answers on the live webinar.

• An archival recording of the entire thing, so you can refer to it again and again (and also, just in case your schedule doesn’t match mine and you can’t make the live session)

What All This Will Mean to You

And let’s don’t forget the other benefits you’ll receive, once you make the amazingly brilliant decision to be part of this webinar…
• You’ll discover the three most powerful methods for boosting your response, increasing your sales, and fattening up your profits from any client-getting promotion you do.
• A complete explanation of the “architecture of persuasion”… For the first time, I’ll show you my intentional system for persuading clients that I am the one choice… And that I’m worth every penny of the substantial fees that I charge (I’ll even give you my checklist).
• How to start off any client project 90% ahead of the game
•Just do this… and most of your work will be done for you before you start

And You Get One More Distinct Advantage… Register before the Live Event, And Get the Whole Thing More Than 50% off The Retail Price

Remember I mentioned that this is a bit of an experiment? Here’s my plan…

When you go ahead and make the decision today to join us for this live webinar training, you get complete access… to the live webinar, and to the recorded archives, for less than half of the retail price.

Once this training is over, I intend to edit the recordings and sell them as a standalone product for a price of $297. Perhaps more. But everyone who is on the training live gets the whole thing for just… Are you ready for this… $97!

I know, right?!

Now, I realize I might regret this. But then again, maybe I’m on to something really cool. The interesting thing is…

No Matter How You Slice It, You Get the Best End of the Deal

You get the lowest price I will ever charge for this product… But you get more than the people who will pay the higher price! Think about it…
You will be on the webinar with me, live.

You get to ask me questions and get my feedback. I will help you get through the thorny parts of setting up your own Client Attraction System.

Then, when it’s over, you get the archival recordings. And of course you get all the bonuses.

People who buy the recordings later will pay at least $297… well over twice what you’re going to pay… plus they don’t get the live interaction with me.

Why would I do this? It’s quite simple… To make it easy for you to say “yes” right now.

Get download Ray Edwards – Client Attraction System at Forimc.com right now!

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