Sienna Fry – Backcountry Navigation

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Sienna Fry - Backcountry NavigationSienna Fry – Backcountry Navigation

Even in today’s high-tech world, your smartphone will only get you so far. Learn how to never get lost via BACKPACKER’s Backcountry Navigation online course. In this 7-part course, you’ll learn how to use a map and compass, how to plan a route, how to use GPS and digital maps, and how to confidently travel into the wilderness knowing you have the tools to get back home safely. People can get lost anywhere, which is why navigation skills are critical whether you’re on or off trail.

You’ll learn how to be self-sufficient in the backcountry, so you never get lost on an adventure. BACKPACKER and the Colorado Outward Bound School have developed this course to teach you: How to read a map and use your compass, how to triangulate your position, how to navigate in different types of terrain, and how to enhance trip planning and routefinding with digital devices like GPS units.

How this Course Works

We’ve designed this course to be taken at your own pace. You’ll be able to take (and retake) each section for as long as you want. Once you purchase the course, the lessons are yours forever.

Intro: Why People Get Lost

Section 1: Reading Maps

  • Types of Maps
  • Map Features
  • Distance
  • Contour lines
  • Matching map to landscape
  • Orienting a map
  • Latitude/longitude and UTM

Section 2: Using a Compass

  • Parts of a compass
  • Taking a bearing on a map
  • Taking a bearing on a landmark
  • Triangulation
  • Declination

Section 3: Route Planning

  • Calculating distance and travel times
  • Elevation gain/loss
  • Group dynamics
  • Identifying landmarks and bailouts
  • Map revisions
  • Special terrain challenges
  • Real world examples

Section 4: Digital Devices

  • Understanding GPS
  • Choosing a unit/software
  • Smartphone apps
  • Marking waypoints
  • Managing tracks
  • Emergency devices
  • Digital maps

Section 5: On- and Off-Trail Travel

  • Staying found
  • Identifying trail signs
  • What to do if you lose the trail
  • Using natural features as guides
  • Navigating from landmark to landmark
  • Navigating around obstacles
  • Choosing the right terrain

Section 6: Special Navigation Challenges

  • Low visibility
  • Winter
  • Desert

Section 7: Getting Unlost

  • What to do if you’re lost
  • Finding north
  • Backtracking
  • Helping rescuers

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